We are happy to introduce an innovative product - Sorgin.
It is a universal organic mineral complex, accelerating plant growing speed.
Team of scientists for the project.
Sorgin increases seed germination, stimulates plant growth, accelerates root formation and significantly increases the yield of vegetable and fruit crops it also blocks the development of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Mechanism of action:
stimulation of growth enzymes of seed embryos, buds of plants, bulb tubers due to the penetration of microelements into tissue cells and interaction in biochemical processes with cell enzymes. High activity is provided by a specially developed complex of metal and basic acids microelements.
The effects of using Sorgin
Increase of growth force and germination of seeds
Formation of a well-developed, powerful root system
Increase in vegetative mass of plants and leaf area
Increase of productivity
We offer two ways of using Sorgin
Sorgin for fields
Sorgin for indoor plants
for the treatment of plant seeds before sowing
Enhances photosynthesis
for soaking the seeds of plants before sowing (spraying)
Activates the root system
for processing plants during the growing season
Increases the natural nutrition of plants by enhancing the absorption of microelements from the soil
for drip irrigation systems
Promotes more active carbon dioxide absorption from the air and increased production of oxygen.
The increase in yields averages from 15 to 46%, depending on the type of crop.
Studies were carried out on cereals (wheat, rye, oats, barley) and root crops (carrot, beets, potatoes, cabbage).
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