2008 г.
Development of the idea of a project of production of an organic component of a growth activator on the basis of an agricultural research institute.
2009 г.
Development and production of an experimental plant growth activator lot. Conducting laboratory and field tests in the Western-Siberian and Central regions of the RF and in Western Europe.
2010 г.
Development of the mineral component of the plant growth activator to enhance the properties of growth regulation. Conducting laboratory and pilot-industrial studies on cereal, shrubs, vegetable plants of various sorts on an area of 100 hectares.
2011 г.
Obtaining permissions for testing and usage of the growth activator in the CIS and Western Europe. Increase of the test areas up to 1500 hectares in total, expansion of zones of climatic conditions to 3.
2012 г.
Expansion of varietal and species plans according to climatic zones. Participation in conferences and seminars on the presentation of biotechnology in agriculture.
2013 г.
Obtaining MSDS certificate in the territories of Western Europe (Italy, England, Holland) on the strengthened formula of the growth activator. R&D on an individual approach to climatic zones. The effect is positive.
2014 г.
Organizing the industrial tests in the CIS with the expansion of the area up to 5000 hectares. The result is positive.
2015 г.
Evaluation of the past period's results. The average yield increase in the real sector, depending on climatic zones and variety-species selection of plants was 48%. Stress resistance of plants incresed to 300%. Expansion of the application area of the growth activator in Europe and the CIS. The total area of processing is about 37 000 hectares.
2016 г.
Organizing the production of a special formula of the plant growth activator in the territory of the CIS with the involvement of evaluation laboratories in Switzerland and Germany. The potential production volume is up to 30000 tons per year. The beginning of the negotiation process with the countries of Central and South-East Asia.
2017 г. January- June
Obtaining preliminary agreement on cooperation with China, South Korea, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, expansion of the application zone in the Russian Federation and Western Europe.
2017 г. July-December
The appearance of the idea to organize the ICO and involve the company in the international market on industrial scale. Preliminary negotiations and meetings with ICO and block-chain consultants on the territory of Switzerland (V. Buterin's Center) and Russia (Alexander Ivanov, Waves project)
2018 г. January-April
Conducting Pre-ICO and ICO. SwecCoin token on the exchange. Collect up to 18 million dollars.
2018 г. April
Development of technical documentation. Organize the plant in the zone of economic comfort. Get international production certificates.
2018 г. April - May
Purchase the first stage equipment, search for contractors.
2018 г. May-August
Installation of the equipment, tying the systems and communications. Purchase the second stage equipment.
2018 г. September-October
Commissioning, testing the production scheme. Hiring employees.
2018 г. November
Beginning of the operating time of products and the beginning of the products sale.
2018 г. December
The beginning of the redemption
Beginning of 2019 г.
Development and release of an IT-programs for processing QR-codes and optimizing awards using SwecCoin token at all levels of promotion.
2019 - 2020 гг.
Output to full production capacity. Increasing the application area of the product up to 1000000 hectares. Interest payments to investors (up to 50% per one token). Further promotion of the product and usage of new forms of the agro-market.
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