At Waves we create mechanism, that will make the crypto currency market legitimate and stable in the future. Our vector is directed towards the real economy, and our goal is not to wait for complex technological things that may not happen, but to make lemonade as we have lemons. Business should use new technologies right now, even if it doesn't understand how it works. (c)
Alexander Ivanov, fouder of the Wave project

ICO is an excellent market instrument for attracting investments into a ready business project.

This system brings cooperation between entrepreneurs and investors to a new level, making their relationship especially beneficial. And the openness of the financial turnover excludes the possibility of fraud, thereby protecting depositors from losses.

Integration of ICO into the real sector business is a good way to attract investments and bring the project to a high level.
ICO-goes on wavesplatform.com.

  • Totally, tokens will be issued: 61.000.000 – "SWEC"
  • Available during the Pre-ICO: 16.000.000- "SWEC-0.25$"
  • Main stage of ICO: 28.000.000 - "SWEC-0.5$"
  • Пары на покупку "SWEC - USD | BTC | ETH | WAVES"
The tokens not bought will be destroyed.

Some part of the tokens will be assigned to the project:
Fund Sweccoin Foundation: 10.000.000 - "SWEC"
Assigned to the team: 5.000.000 - "SWEC"

Some part of tokens will be available for bounty-system:
Bounty program: 2.000.000 - "SWEC"

In case if the necessary limit will not be reached during the ICO, all the funds will be returned to the participants.
Wallet user manual
Our company provides options for obtaining benefits for long-term keeping of tokens:
SwecCoin should be considered as a discount unit up to 50% for the services and products offered.
Interest payments for holders of SwecCoin tokens will begin on scheduled basis one year after the launch of the project. Annual payment will be up to 50% of the nominal value of Token SwecCoin.
The company plans to buy the tokens 10% higher than market price, spending 30% of benefit monthly.
The analysis of usage of "Blockchain" technology in the real sector of the economy.
Within four months, a number of consultations with specialists in blockchain technology were carried out. And as a result of the consultations we received and important experience in the ICO market analysis, and also formed a definite view on the further development of blockchain technology in the world and the benefits of investments in this sphere for citizens.

Today there is a number of countries using blockchain technologies in various sectors of industry, such as: the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Russia, China, South Korea, Estonia (according to plusworld.ru).
The founder of Ethereum, Vitaliy Buterin, during the meeting with businessmen and investors in Israel, said:
«… it would be a mistake to underestimate the value of the ICO and consider it a bad thing… the utility of the project and its ability to attract the money should not be far apart…».

In its structure, ICO is a phenomenal way to raise funds for startups in a decentralized manner from a distributed ecosystem and investors V.Buterin says:
«The second wave of the ICO projects is about to arrive… they will be connected with the real economy… and will be more effective and understandable…».

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Application for the goods

Our company is ready to propose the creation of a smartphone application in the future. The application will indicate the enterprises, producing agricultural products using organic fertilizers, and also the verification of this agricultural product will be carried out. In the future, the list will be enlarged by manufacturers of food products, that use environmentally friendly agricultural products for their production and also the stores, selling useful and necessary goods will be indicated.
IT-program for processing QR codes and optimizing rewards using SwecCoin tokens at all levels of ORGANIX production promotion. The application will be implemented using a discount system of SwecCoin tokens and will be available to everyone, who cares about their health. The application will be available to many countries, and the database will be constantly updated. By now, our company has already conducted preliminary negotiations with IT-specialists. We hope that with your support we will succeed!

We are ready to develop constantly and work with you for you! Health and well-being is our motto!
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