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Join Pre-ICO of SwecCoin token
Utility token pegged to the striking price of one kilogram of the universal plant growth promoter Sorgin.
30.05.2018. 18:00 MSK
Pre-ICO. Created-16.000.000 "SwecCoin" price 0.25$
Before the end of:
Sorgin - is a unique project that creates environmentally friendly agricultural products at all stages of plant growth and attracts people all over the world through integrated IT-technologies and blockchain.
The project is based on the idea of industrial production of the organic-based plant growth promoter SORGIN and its further introduction into the global agricultural market and expansion of the project using blockchain technology.
SwecCoin - SwecCoin is a utility token on the Waves platform pegged to the striking price of one kilogram of the universal plant growth promoter Sorgin.
Our company's mission is to provide ecological agrochemicals in 10 countries with a population of 1 500 000 people.
— Zhdanov Artem Director of Swec
About the project
Blockchain technologies have found their way into our everyday lives, but there are very few projects that bring real benefits. Sorgin project combines the production of harmless organic fertilizers with blockchain technologies. The agrochemicals market is 70 billion dollars and is growing annually. About a year from now, the value of the SwecCoin token, according to experts' forecasts, will be at least 3 times higher.

The unique Sorgin's features

Without chemical additives
Tailor made trace elements are used in the production of Sorgin. We do not use chemical compounds harmful to plants, humans or animals.
Ecological cleanliness
The product has passed various tests in CIS countries, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and is recognized as environmentally friendly and safe for plants, humans and animals.
Our team has been conducting laboratory and industrial tests to create a universal plant growth promoter since 2008.
Extensive experience
The SWEC Company is the coordinator of the project SORGIN.
All the benfits of Sorgin
When using the fully organic-based plant growth promoter Sorgin, the following effects have been identified:

  • Increased germinating ability of seeds
  • Development of a powerful root system
  • Increased vegetative mass of plants and leaf area
  • Increased photosynthesis
  • Increased absorption of trace elements from the soil
  • Active absorption of carbon dioxide from the air
  • Yield enhancement depending on the type of crop up to 94%

Sorgin is a universal fertilizer and can be used both on agricultural fields and on private farms and even for indoor plants.

Scientists — biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists from Europe and CIS countries have been involved in the development of the complex. Sorgin plant growth promoter has passed laboratory and field tests in Europe and Asia. The necessary permits of Eurasian Conformity to use the drug in the agricultural sector were acquired.

The total area of cultivated land during the tests is about 58 000 hectares.
We offer to check out the main documentation of the project
Why participate in the project?
There is a lack of environmentally friendly food in the world
The percentage of the use of agrochemical fertilizers harmful to plants, humans and animals in the world should be reduced
Every year, the global market for agricultural chemicals is growing by 7.9%
Currently, there is a shortage of environmentally friendly agrochemicals of about 37% in the world
The price of organic-based plants growth promoter Sorgin is 4 times lower than the competitors' similar products of all over the world
The costs of Sorgin fertilizer application are recovered in 5-12 times depending on a type of agricultural plants
The price of SwecCoin token is protected by the cost of one kilogram of the plant growth promoter Sorgin
Due to the increase in the agrochemicals market and the annual increase in the cost of environmentally friendly fertilizers, experts expect a price increase for SwecCoin at least 3 times in the coming year!
Additional information about ICO

The company's SwecCoin token will be build on the WAVES platform and listed on the domestic stock exchange.

SwecCoin token will subsequently be listed on other exchanges.

SwecCoin token should be seen as a discount on the services and products offered.

By purchasing the SwecCoin token, you confirm that you are not a citizen or resident of a geographical area where access to or use of cryptocurrency or tokens is prohibited by applicable law, Decree, resolution, contract or administrative act. The company does not assume liability for violation of the rules of this paragraph.

Interest payments for SwecCoin token holders will be made as planned 18 months after the lauch of the project.

The company plans to buy-back SwecCoin tokens by devoting 30% of the company's profits each month.

With SwecCoin tokens, you can buy products of our company at a discount.

The transfer of funds during the SwecCoin token sale can be carried out using ETH, BTC, Waves. A total of 61 000 000 "SwecCoin" tokens will be issued.

Pre-ICO launch date is scheduled for March-May 2018.

During pre-ICO, when SwecCoin tokens are sold, 16 000 000 SwecCoin will be available for purchase at the price of 0.25 dollars.

ICO tokens sale in June - September 2018.

During the ICO, 28 000 000 SwecCoin will be available for purchase at the price of 0.5 dollars.

10 000 000 tokens will be donated to SwecСoin foundation. The company reserves the remaining 5 000 0000 tokens.

2 000 000 tokens to Bounty Program.

If the ICO does not reach the required limit, the funds will be reimbursed to the participants.

Any unsold tokens from the sale will be burned.

The SwecCoin token will be available for trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges after the end of crowdsale.

At the end of Pre-ICO the token price will increase 2 times! By joining the project today, you get the benefit of 100% in a few months!
IT Support of the project
The SWEC Company develops a unique discount program that will allow to introduce organic-based products all over the world much more broadly and then be rewarded for it.

A database of companies that use only organic fertilizers will be established, while two special QR-codes will appear on the packaging. By scanning the QR code on the exterior of the package, the user will be able to find out whether the product belongs to the list of organic one, and by scanning the code on the inside, he/she will receive a discount on the next purchase as bonus points to the account.

We hope that you have already realized that the project is really important, and most importantly can offer you profit. If so, don't slow up!
Development of the concept of Sorgin project on the basis of Research institutes.
Production of the Sorgin. Conducting field tests in Europe and Asia. The result is positive.
Development of Sorgin mineral constituent. Conducting industry research on an area of 100 hectares. Tests have been carried on different varieties of plants.
Participation in conferences and seminars on agriculture.
Preliminary Agreement on cooperation with China, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and European countries.
Expansion of the list of plants.
Holding the pre-ICO and ICO.
Development of technical documentation.
Plant organization on the territory of the economic comfort zone. Obtaining international production certificate and the beginning of production.
Development of an IT program to process QR codes and optimize rewards with SwecCoin tokens at all levels of the ORGANIX promotion.
Entering into the full production. Increase in the application area of the product to 1 000 000 hectares.
The beginning of the SwecCoin tokens buyback.
At the end of Pre-ICO the token price will increase 2 times! By joining the project today, you get the benefit of 100% in a few months!
Our team
Zhdanov Artem
Director of Swec, Project Manager Sorgin, Engineer-Economist, Professional Manager
Syrodun Victor
Economist, Financial Analyst, BTC Consulting (Russia, Germany)
Bashtonov George
Manager, Specialist in Public Relations,(Russia)
Oliver Suzoni
Financial analyst. IT specialist, business manager. (Switzerland, Germany)
Kanelli Tanya
Biotechnologist, LAG Laboratory (Italy)
Zaushinzena A.
The main consultant of the Sorgin project. Doctor of Science, Professor iotechnologist (Russia)
Zumaiew Georgi
Biotechnologist, Manager (Russia, China)
Rosalenok Tanya
Project Consultant Senior Researcher, PhD in Biotechnology (Russia, Germany).
Tokmashev Eugene
Lawyer, legal consultant of the project (Russia)
Isochenko Ivan
IT specialist. (Russia)
Albert Kurbatov
IT-System Administrator PR-Marketing
Instructions on buying SwecCoin
SweсCoin is trading at bitcoin exchange Waves. If you already have an account, you can easily participate in the project. If you have never used the Waves exchange, you can use the detailed instructions. Registration and purchase of currency will take you no more than 10 minutes.
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